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    Drie driedaagse klankworkshops voor jong professionelen


    1. A Push and a Shove Between the Ear and the Eye

    Alex Reynolds (Sound artist)
    March 11, 12, 13 (10am to 6pm)
    Spoken language: English

    Exploring the cinematographic qualities of sound by relocating the film language to a site specific sound installation.


    Using film as a lens through which to look at our environment, we will delve into how sound may become a powerful tool to generate fiction, manipulating our bodies and directing our gaze to affect the way we look at the world around us.

    Practical exercises will help build up vocabulary and tools to open up different modes of listening, helping us examine how strategies from sound design, text, or vocal aesthetics may be used to generate empathy or estrangement. Examples from film, literature, or contemporary art will be used to discuss the difference between spectator and witness, how sound may impose point of view and onscreen space in site-specific works, or how to invade a body.

    Supported by one on one tutorials, participants will apply this knowledge to the making of a site- specific work, to be presented and discussed at the end of the workshop.



    2. Distortion is truth

    Johan Vandermaelen (sound artist, sound engineer)
    March 18, 19, 20 (10am to 6pm)
    Spoken language: Dutch or English

    Finding creative potential in the way a microphone colours the sound and other side effects that are usually avoided in the sound recording chain.


    “Distortion is truth”, the unavoidable transformation of sound trough transducers (microphones, loudspeakers). A creative potential unlocked.

    Every working process within sound will bring a permutation to your sound. Microphones and loudspeakers will colour your sound. Generally considered as unwanted – but always there – these distortions also have a huge artistic potential waiting to be unlocked. 

    These possibilities go far beyond the traditional plug-ins or effects found on mixing desks, hardware tools. One can consider them as very powerful filters/processors to be used within film, performance or installation. But these specific sound characteristics can as well be the trigger to come to new work, before unimaginable.

    With film in mind we will have a special attention to the layering of sound and spatial aspects. The workshop starts with a 'sound before image' approach, though video stills can be used to trigger your imagination.

    "Distortion is Truth" Robert Poss



    3. Did you hear it - my voice? People say it’s beautiful.

    Annabelle Pangborn (sound mixing, sound design)
    April 01, 02, 03 (10am to 6pm)
    Spoken language: English

    Using nothing more than the voice, focussing on its material qualities, we create the sound design for a dance film.


    “Did you hear it - my voice? People say it’s beautiful.”

    “Voice is a vastly under-used sound design element.”
    Randy Thom – Sound Designer

    More important than language is the material texture of the voice, its inherent sound, its expressiveness, its weight and musicality. Our voices exist at the point of resonance and significance. Without language, the voice is no longer concerned with speech, only sound and feeling.

    In film sound our knee jerk association with voice is synchronous dialogue and the intelligibility of the recording. We watch characters deliver their lines on screen and become focused on the meaning of their words rather than the sound of their voices, although it’s the sound of their voices which makes their speech meaningful.

    Working with dance film and animation, participants will create a soundtrack solely out of recorded vocal effects. We will experiment with different vocal recordings in the recording studio and the manipulation of these within the edit and mix, moving between the parameters of speech, sound design and music.




    Voor wie:
    In de eerste plaats zijn de workshops gericht op jonge professionelen in de creatieve audiovisuele sector. Ben je een geluidsman, filmregisseur of -producent, mixeur, bruiteur, cameraman, theatermaker, (media)kunstenaar of muzikant, dan zijn deze workshops voor jou op maat gemaakt. Zit je in een andere branche maar wil je je horizon verruimen, dan ben je uiteraard ook meer dan welkom. Er zijn 12 plaatsen beschikbaar zodat er een intensieve dialoog kan ontstaan tussen de docent en de participanten.
    Deelnemers die meerdere workshops zullen volgen, krijgen voorrang bij het inschrijven.


    Het Herculeslab ligt op dezelfde locatie als de KaskCinema:
    School of Arts (KASK), campus Bijloke
    Godshuizenlaan 4
    9000 Gent
    zie de locatie op Google Maps


    Hoe inschrijven?
    - Deelnemers kunnen de workshops afzonderlijk volgen of zich inschrijven voor twee of drie workshops.
    - vul het inschrijvingsformulier in en stuur het op naar herculeslab@schoolofarts.be

    - 1 driedaagse workshop: €200 (excl. BTW)
    - 2 driedaagse workshops: €320 (excl. BTW) (€160 per workshop)
    - 3 driedaagse workshops: €360 (excl. BTW) ) (€120 per workshop)
    - Deelnemende regisseurs (of producenten) kunnen een studiebeurs aanvragen bij het VAF, dan worden 50% van de inschrijvings- en reiskosten vergoed.
    - Bekijk zeker ook de mogelijkheden voor een opleidingspremie via Mediarte (zie eerste blok)
    - Tijdens de workshops wordt er elke dag een broodjeslunch voorzien voor de deelnemers.
    - De betaling wordt geregeld via een factuur.


    Heb je een vraag, aarzel niet om het Herculeslab te contacteren:

    Elias Heuninck
    0477 13 40 98






    Gabriel Paiuk: Space, sound and instances of media (sound installation)

    Michel Schöpping: Movement in Sound, Space and Image (sound design, mixing)

    Els Viaene: Het luisteren vanuit de klinkende wereld (field recording)

    Elias Vervecken: Het luisteren vanuit de stilte (bruitage / foley)

    Larry Sider: Sound changes the image: with the focus on sound editing in film and animation film

    Daniel Deshays: Sound and space: with a focus on sound recording and documentary

    Walter Murch: A practice based dialogue on the art of film sound