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  1. Film Sound Construction Workshop with Val Kuklowky

    Herculeslab and EPAS


    3 days: 19-10 till 21-10-2018 from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m.


    Godshuizenlaan, 4 9000 Gent. Entrance KASKcinema.

    Info and application:

    Costs: 90 euro for students or last year graduates, 200 euro for externals

    Max 15 participants



    The “Film Sound Construction” workshop is an intensive immersion designed to simulate how real-world sound design is accomplished on longer projects.  Spotting sessions, field recordings, preparing and cataloguing, editing, and mixing will be discussed, experienced and reviewed.  Film scenes will correspond to the sound design assignment consisting of pre-existing movie clips.


    This workshop is for film students, young film makers, composers and sound practitioners.


    Val Kuklowky is visiting professor Post Production Sound Design and Aesthetical Analyses at the University of Hertfordshire School of Creative Arts and worked 29 years as a postproduction sound supervisor in the Film Business.

    His aim: to give participants a better understanding of how sound design is an important part of story telling and techniques that will help them communicate to audiences on a deeper level.


    Participants of the workshop can also attend the masterclass with Val Kuklowsky held at KASK cinema 18-10 from 2 p.m. till 6 p.m.



    program :


    We start with a “Spotting Session” review of the film scenes that will require environmental field recordings and discuss how it will serve and contribute to the story. The spotting session is a meant to give students an understanding not only of the process but the language used to discuss the contribution of sounds in key areas.

    We will examine locations and actual record by designated groups.

    Afterwards we review recorded material and edit out any unneeded sounds.


    A second spotting session will take place to concentrate on sound effects, footsteps and voice work. Again we record and organise new material.


    We select, edit, and mix the recorded material. We analyse The Mix and how it informs the style of any film.



    application :


    Sent us a short motivation why you want to participate and a few words about your own background and technical level. We will get back to you with the further details on how to subscribe.