Built with Berta


    The mixing studio is a 5.1 digital studio with an acoustic space designed for cinema and sound post processing.

    Hardware: 5.1 Surround speaker systeem, grote projectie, mac Pro + Digidesign C/24 controller, Digidesign D-command surround panner

    Software: Protools 12 HD, Waves Diamond Bundle, Audio Ease Altiverb 7 XL (RTAS & TDM), ZPlane PPMulator3 XL, izotopeRX, Final Cut Pro 7/X



    The Herculeslab is open to all projects that engage in audiovisual research with a clear emphasis on the sound aspect. The outcome of these projects does not necessarily need to be a work of art, yet the research questions involved should be of an artistic nature. To apply for the mixing studio, send a short project proposal of maximum 300 words to

    • Choose one of the mixers from the list below
    • A maximum of 14 people can enter the studio
    • The opening hours of the school should be respected: all weekdays from 9:00 to 22:00. The studio is closed during the weekend.
    • The user signs the agreement. It lists the material, the usage period and the user details.
    • After the session, an invoice will be sent to the user.
    • An assistant is present to open and close the studio and get the user started.
    • The material-lending-regulations apply