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    The Herculeslab is an audiovisual lab for Ph.D. students at KASK & Conservatorium. It originated from the research project 'Ailab' and was supported financially by the Hercules Fund. In addition to a lending service that includes cameras and microphones, there is also a media archive, a montage cell and a 5.1 mixing studio. The lab wants to stimulate practical research into making and experiencing sound in an audiovisual environment. Individual research projects can be worked on but residences and workshops are also organised. The lab is also accessible to KASK & Conservatory students, candidate-laureates at the HISK and EPAS.

  2. PORTFOLIO (selection)

  3. The Visitor, 2014
    Rachel Monosov

  4. Campeon, 2014
    Geert Vaes



    Three Spanish men in the desert. Marc, Ubay, Roger. They are on a quest. They fuze with their environment. They become more desert-like. They talk about movies they've seen, the movies are their only remaining connection to the civilized world. Their language is a ruin. They avoid important questions. They walk, do a ritual, sit by the campfire, play a game of football, and (play-)fight. To continue their trip. We learn to know Ubay, Marc and Roger. Ubay is the foolish one, Marc the realistic one, Roger the poetic one. They keep on walking. We found them as spectators, we've been shortly part of their trip and from now on we share their questions.

  5. All You Need, 2014
    R'm Aharoni

  6. L' infini, 2014
    Lukas d'Hont

  7. Le pli dans l'espace, 2014
    Ann-Julie Vervaeke

  8. Letters to Crayon, 2014

    A collaboration with Sibran Sampers (text) and Hannes Dereere (music).
    Tom Callemin

  9. 16/02/2014
    Laszlo Umbreit blends in with an image of the Flemish Parliament. He is mixing the experimental documentary 'Decision Pending' of Tomas Hendriks in the Herculeslab.
  10. 31/01/2014

    Work in progress at the Herculeslab: Hamza Halloubi recording the voice-over for a video artwork for his exhibition 'Appear' and the exhibition 'A River in a Sea in a River' van Rana Hamadeh in the KIOSK gallery in Ghent. They are open untill 23 March.

  11. Golven (Waves), 2013
    Nina De Vroome

  12. Cherry Blossoms, 2013

    An Van Dienderen

    teaser on vimeo

  13. Lost Shots #1: Diana the Huntress with Lion (rough edit), 2012

    Hilde D' hayere

  14. Her Voice, 2012

    Silvia Defrance